The new standard in health care is SELF-CARE.  As new methodologies emerge and evolve in the area of self-care, there are a few modalities that now allow people to take advantage of some very simple techniques to insure they avoid the eventuality of an adverse medical diagnosis.
The standard in the past has been to wait until something was wrong and then go to the doctor after symptoms of a medical condition are already in full swing.

The age old adage of an “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude is a very dangerous way to deal with one’s health in this day and age.

So, what if you knew that it is now possible to restore your own health and stave off as much as 95% of health related issues way before any symptoms appear?  We are talking about what may very well be the single most powerful and effective measure in affordable self-care.  This is what is available for you now through the use of BioMagnetic self-care therapy.

The use of BioMagnetism is the most effective way to neutralize pH in your body and it is accomplished through the use of magnets.  The critical importance of neutralizing the pH within your body cannot be stressed or stated enough.   All dis-ease processes as well as pathogens can only flourish in body tissue where the biological chemistry of the pH is out of balance (either too alkaline or too acidic).  In fact, bacteria and parasites absolutely require an alkaline tissue environment to flourish and reproduce in whereas viruses and fungi can actively reproduce and survive only if the tissue environment is acidic.


Drinking alkaline water creates a healthy alkaline pH in your body.  The idea that drinking high pH water in the h of alkalizing your body is not only counter-intuitive but it is an absolute falsehood once you understand that body pH for the most part is supposed to be a balanced pH, not alkaline.  The exceptions – the bio-terrain (biological terrain) of the stomach is supposed to be acidic and the intestines are supposed to be alkaline.  The rest of your organs and glands are supposed to be a neutral pH of 7.4 to be function properly.  So, drinking 9.0 pH water would in actuality be creating a pH imbalance.

BioMagnetism produces a “Balanced” pH in your body so that the naturally healthy physiological processes can be re-established and maintained.  With Biomagnetic therapy this is accomplished by putting magnets of opposing polarities to work in strategic placements called biomagnetic pairs.

Bacteria and parasites are only found where body tissue is alkaline.

Viruses and fungi are only found in acidic tissue. 

When the pH of all your glands and organs become neutral not only will they function properly, you will also be free of the pathogens that play a big role in the progression of dis-ease stages.  The process of neutralizing your body pH only takes 30 minutes.  When this is accomplished pathogens are forced to vacate your body through the natural elimination channels such as urination, defecation, sweat, exhaling and even crying.

So how is it that pH balance is achieved using a pair of magnets?  The process is accomplished by simple magnet physics. 
occurs when an excess of negative ions accumulate in the atomic structure of the cells.  Conversely, the excessive accumulation of positive ions produces an Acidic environment.  Both scenarios represent a pH imbalance which creates the perfect bio-terrain for pathogens to can take advantage of the opportunity to populate, thrive and multiply in.

A biomagnetic pair is created when you apply a magnet with a negative polarity on an alkaline point on your body and then placing a positive magnet on it’s corresponding acidic point.  BioMagnetism utilizes these polarized magnetic fields to displace the build up of excessive ions in the areas being treated causing the extra ions to mutually cancel themselves out.  The result is the entire tissue structure goes into a perfectly balanced pH.  In doing so we enable and accelerate the body’s natural healing process.  It literally takes less than a half an hour to accomplish this simple but powerful feat.  Biomagnetic self-care therapy forces pathogens out of your body as they literally run for their lives in an effort to survive.

Pathogens are not the only area in which biomagnetism is effective.  Neutralizing tissue pH also has a profound effect in:

• Neutralizing negative emotions
• Eliminating brain fog
• Restoring cognitive brain function
• Increase libido

• Clearing up digestive issues
• Stimulating the immune system
• Promoting anti-aging effects
• Restoring normal energy levels,
• Providing relief of pain and inflammation.

Sedona BioMagnetism has released a manual outlining several biomagnetic self-care protocols that when applied on a regular basis will help keep body pH neutral thus eliminating pathogens and resolving your current health issues while helping to avoid the onset of any future dis-ease.
There are 20 protocols outlined in the BioMagnetism Self-Care Manual.  All of which are clearly illustrated to reveal the proper placement and positioning of your magnets thereby taking the guesswork out of what could otherwise be a complicated process.

Protocols given in BioMagnetism Self-Care manual include:

  1. Clean Sweep Pathogen Protocols
  2. Release Negative Emotions Protocol
  3. Immune Stimulation Protocol
  4. COVID-19 Protocol
  5. Sleep Protocol
  6. Meridian Balancing Protocol
  7. Sleep Protocol
  8. Wrinkle Reduction Protocol
  9. Psychic Development Protocols
  10. Memory Improvement Protocol
  11. Attract Love Protocol
  12. Performance Enhancement Protocol
  13. Addictions Protocol 
  14. Jet Lag Protocol: 
  15. German New Medicine Protocol

Many think that because they’re not sick they must be healthy. Unfortunately the difference between health and illness is not delineated in black or white.  Your health will more often be found somewhere in the shades of gray.  The lifestyle choices we make create a lot of stress on our nervous system which is subsequently on edge all the time.  Our high stress lifestyles alone are capable of creating a significant immune suppressing effect.

We sit down and turn on the TV to unwind and relax from another stressful day … Low and behold the shows we then choose to watch produce the exact same stress response on our nervous system that we were looking to get a break from in the first place.  The food choices we make, the sedentary or over active lifestyles, environmental pollution factors including water, air and especially now the myriad of wireless signals all produce a constant overload on our nervous systems.

The time is now.  Be proactive in taking control of your health.  Offset the negative effects your lifestyle has been having on your body.  Dis-ease is a process and it often involves several years of evolution before it progresses to a stage where it becomes a clinical diagnosis.  You can stop and reverse that progression.  It is always easier to kill the beast while it’s still small.

Get your BioMagnetism Self-Care Kit now and begin getting your immune system up and your health back.  Whether you’re already sick or whether you want to avoid ever having to hear a doctor tell you that you have …

The choice is yours.


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