Biomagnetic therapy, also called Medical Biomagnetic therapy, is a natural therapy that assists in re-establishing the normal internal cellular environment through the use of pairs of magnets of medium intensity that seek to rebalance the organism’s pH level.

What is Biomagnetic Therapy?

The theory of medical biomagnetism has been developed by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD from Mexico. Through his clinical work over more than 25 years he developped Biomagetic Pair therapy.

Dr. Goiz’s theory observes that a wide range of illnesses and conditions are associated with fundamental alterations in the pH level of internal organs and with the presence of pathogens: viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxins, and other harmful factors.

Bacteria and parasites tend to live and grow in an alkaline environment, while fungus and viruses tend to live and grow in an acidic environment. It is much more difficult for illnesses to develop in a cellular environment with a balanced or neutral pH level of 7.

Using the biomagnetism technique, a set of magnets (one positive polarity and one negative polarity) are applied to the selected area where a condition has been identified.

The magnets encourage a neutral pH state, reducing the reproduction and growth of pathogens; helping to remove them.

The diagnosis is done through a Kinesiology (muscle-test) assessment that in this case may also be known as Bioenergetic diagnosis. Pairs of magnets with a positive and negative charge are then placed on the entry and exit points associated with the condition and identified during the assessment.

You will have magnets placed on your body, often in multiple locations, depending on the results of the Kinesiology Assessment.

During the time that the magnets are in place, patients generally relax deeply, move into light trance, or fall asleep.

The first biomagnetism session lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours , as it consists of analysis and control. The following sessions last between 40 and 50 minutes, depending on the therapist’s assessment. Typically between 4 and 6 sessions are sufficient to achieve complete healing of minor conditions.

Chronic or degenerative conditions will require additional sessions. The length of frequency of these Biomagnetic Therapy sessions will vary greatly depending on the underlying condition, but a period of more intense therapy during the first month followed by monthly sessions is not uncommon.

  • Biomagnetic Pair Therapy does not produce any side effects.

  • The magnets that are used are passive and are not connected to any electrical machine.

  • The treatment is painless, and involves no pills, shots or needles

  • Complements your conventional medical treatment

  • Completely natural and non-invasive

Basis of Medical Biomagnetism

Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD

“… Medical Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures and corrects the fundamental alterations of the pH (hydrogen potential) of living organisms and specifically of human organism, a very different aspect, because even when you doubt, this is a new therapeutic medical discipline that, developed in all its fullness, will be the basis of the medicine of the future, …” 

When was Biomagnetic Pair Therapy discovered?

In October of 1988 Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán discovered a phenomenon where two points of the patient’s body are energetically altered, favoring the proliferation of pathogens or some other types of organic dysfunction.

He called this phenomenon the Biomagnetic Pair.

Based on the conclusions of Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer he was able to identify that two points in magnetic resonance are required ..

Elements of the Biomagnetic Pair

3 Well-defined elements:
Normal energy level (NEN) where the pH is practically neutral and where all the normal vital functions of the human body are carried out.  
Positive Pole
  – generated by excess of H + (hydrogen ions) where the pH is acidic and gives rise to the presence of the virus and fungi.   
Negative pole
– generated by deficit of H + and by the presence of complex free radicals with negative polarity where the pH is alkaline, giving to presence and development of bacteria and parasites.