About Sandra 

  • • Practicing Biophoton Light Therapy as a Biontologist   since 2012

  • * Certified  Practitioner of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy trained by Moise Goiz 2019, SFO

Sandra has been practicing Biophoton Light Therapy for 8 years now..

What I am experiencing with the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is as exciting as when I began working in Biontology field.

I believe Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran to be one of those very special persons in our time that has brought something so cutting edge in the field of energy healing.  His work is known all over the world yet not so much in the USA, in the English-speaking world.. Makes you wonder why!

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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy offers an excellent non-invasive
alternative option to the potential harmful risks of drugs.

Biomagentic medicine is a Diagnostic- therapeutic procedure” … Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, MD

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